We delight in discovering the stories associated with an historic auto. Each one has lived a unique life and has had an affect on those who lived with it.

About Us

Auto Historical Services was created with a curatorial perspective to provide research,
Archival, presentation and representative services relevant to significant automobiles for
Their owners, caretakers and museums. Auto Historical resources include museum Directors and Curators, restoration and race preparation experts, concours and show Judges, marque specific expertise, event specialists, and production capabilities for any media platform

Menu of Services available
-Historical research and documentation, providing finished archival portfolio including
-Collection planning and management counsel
-Entry, preparation and representation at concours, shows and auctions
-Creation of information, signage and content for concours or auction, and auction scripting
-Private transport service, professional, insured, personal accompaniment or facilitation of commercial transport
-Sourcing assistance for buyers who seek particular automobiles, marque expert pre purchase inspections
-Pre-sale counsel and recommendations
-Facilitate media and television exposure for automobiles and clients who desire it
-Privacy protected for those clients who desire discretion
-All services available as a comprehensive collection management provider