AHS explores a vehicle's particular history using resources that were learned and created during curatorial work in museums and for private collections, with rare and vintage autos dating back to the early 1900's. We are tasked with finding authentic history and provenance and remain objective regardless of value or specific rarity. AHS removes itself from applying market values and appraisals,  focusing on providing specific information so that the market or caretaker will have an accurate view of the subject.

Owners and caretakers of significant and collectible autos benefit from extensive and accurate history and documentation of their vehicles. A more complete history can increase a vehicle's value, verify provenance for insurance or as pre purchase peace of mind, and also educates visitors to museums and events. Auto Historical Services LLC offers research and archival services as well as logistical and representative peace of mind.

Our clients include museums, private collectors, restoration facilities, auctions, brokers, dealers and enthusiasts. We offer a menu of services that includes pre or post purchase inspection, archival documentation, display information signage, media services, auction and sale logistics, transport arrangement, on-site representation for events, auctions and exhibitions, and collection management.

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